Mr. Mohammed Nasir Uddin

Social and cultural secretary’s @ BCA1960

Social and cultural
secretary’s message,
Mohammed Nasir Uddin
Being a part of BCA
is a huge honour for
me. Watching society
and cultures unfold,
allows people to
express themselves.
Food is a way in which
this expression is symbolised. As the social and
cultural secretary, I promote my homelands
values and customs. Every year I invite top singers,
just like today. For all the other guests we provide
top entertainment. Every one knows of the rich
Bangladeshi culture, very authentic and diverse.
This year we celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of BCA,
longer than the freedom of Bangladesh (1971).
The Bangladesh Caterers Association is the
oldest, largest and strongest organisation outside
of Bangladesh. The association has pioneered
this industry and this is a proud moment.
Following the past 18 months, and the worldwide
pandemic, BCA faced struggles within our
industry. However, we stand together with the
world in recovery, and we await a fresh new start.
Bangladesh Caterers Association contributes££4.2
billion to the British Economy, and we are proud
to watch this grow and expand as the years go on.
In this difficult time, I have come together with
my family to repay the community. Me and my
wife have worked to distribute meals throughout
the pandemic among the elderly and needy. As
a thank you from the council, London authority
and the mayor, both my wife and I received
an award as Pandemic Heroes. This was a very
touching and rewarding experience, and we
wish to watch the nation come back to life.
13 million Bangladeshis live outside Bangladesh, and
all of them are aware of BCA’s existence. In the event
of any catastrophe in Bangladesh, BCA is always on
hand to help and provide charity for those in need.
We have succeeded to innovate and evolve along
with customer expectations, through our love of
cooking and sharing our traditional secrets. We
are entrepreneurs and will continue to thrive out
longevity and flagship our industry.