Mr. Mitu Choudhury

@ Secretary, BCA1960

Secretary’s Message

I have the passion and with everyone’s collective support hope to drive the BCA to the next level,

Last year, because of Covid-19, we were unable
to hold either the Chef of the Year or Restaurant
of the Year ceremonies and we also had to cancel
our awards dinner. The time that we spent in
lockdown was an enormous trial for all of us but
I was delighted to see how many of our members
rallied round and provided food and sustenance
to the true heroes of this dreadful pandemic, the
doctors and nurses who manned the front-lines
despite the risks involved. Restaurants up and
down the country donated hot meals to hospitals
in their areas and, having been at Bart’s Hospital in
June 2020 to witness British Raj Express and Surma
Takeaway providing 200 meals for the staff, I can
confirm that they were extremely grateful for such
generosity. Well done to all of you who took part
in similar schemes!
In May 2020 we petitioned the Chancellor, Rishi
Sunak for a reduction in VAT for our industry from
20% to 5% and we were delighted when, in July,
he announced a reduction to 5% for the hospitality
and tourism sector. My thanks to all of you have
stood with the BCA to lobby the UK government
for this concession.
In June, 2020, we wrote to the London Mayor, Sadiq
Khan, asking him to reconsider his plans to extend
the Congestion Charge charging hours beyond
6pm on weekdays and at weekends as we felt very
strongly that this could adversely affect many of our
members who were making or receiving deliveries
at these times. Sadly, in this instance, we were
unsuccessful but, be assured that we will continue
to put our members views and livelihoods at the
forefront whenever we approach the government.
I would also like to pause at this time to remember
those friends and colleagues who lost their lives
during this time:
• Enam Ul Haque Chowdhury – BCA Senior
• Saad Ghazi – Former Secretary General BCA
• Kamal Jahangir Miah- Former Senior
Vice-President BCA
• Eafor Ali – Founder President of BBCA
• Khazi Khaled – Founder of Aroma Ice Cream
(BCA Sponsor)
• My brother – Khaled Chowdhury – Former
Senior Vice-President BCA
Please remember them in your special prayers.
As we look forward to 2022, we can only hope
that the future will be brighter for us all. Those of
you whose businesses have survived have done
so because of your initiative and enterprise and,
because of this, I am confident that we will enjoy a
much better year next year but, please remember
that the BCA is here to help and advise whenever
you need it and is stronger because of you, its
members. We should also not forget that curries
hold a special place in the hearts of the British
populace and I have every confidence that we will
succeed in the future as we have done in the past.
And so to tonight. This is BCA’s 15th Awards
night and it is also our 60th year. As if that weren’t
enough, 2021 marks Bangladesh’s 50th anniversary.
We have all come a long way in that time so let us
celebrate along with our generous sponsors, our
media partners and Members of Parliament who
we consider our long-term supporters. As tonight
unfolds, I hope you will enjoy the occasion, knowing
that you are part of an organization that has a big
legacy and influence on British life and culture.

Honour award

We are delighted to inform you that Our BCA president MA Munim got the prestigious honour award OBE from Buckingham Palace. It’s an amazing achievement for the industry, British Bangladesh community and especially the BCA.



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