Mr. Saidur Rahman Bipul

@ Treasurer, BCA1960

Treasurer’s Message

If we continue to carry out the fundamental tasks positive results will follow.

It is my great pleasure to be able to welcome you all
to our 15th Awards this evening, after a tough year
of being in lockdown and navigating the global
COVID-19 pandemic. It has been an exhausting
time, but let us put that aside for a moment,
because tonight about celebrating success, where
we will acknowledge the nominated chefs and
restaurants whose commitment and talent brings
the very best cuisine and service to their customers.
Tonight is about not just the best of British
Bangladeshi curry, but about the best of BCA, which
is celebrating its Diamond Anniversary, a landmark
year for us all. BCA is built on the commitment and
passion of its members, where each one of us is an
important link in this community and part of BCA’s
60 years still going strong.
I would also like to mention that this year, we also
mark Bangladesh’s 50 Years of Independence!
2021 is a milestone year, as we can see the positive
changes that we have brought about together.
Our success is that we are bicultural, where we
have been able to maintain a sense of belonging
to both our home and our host culture without
compromising our identity.
When BCA started these Awards 15 years ago, we
did so, to shine a spotlight on the new generation
of restaurateurs who, through their hard work
and creativity, were starting to set new standards
of quality.This is why each year our Awards are
so pivotal, because they encourage excellence
and recognize the talented people who are busy
creating a whole new dining experience for British
After a difficult two years for the restaurant industry,
tonight will showcase the work and tell the stories
of a dynamic group of chefs and restaurants. I am
honored to be part of BCA Awards, which highlights
the incredible work of our members.
There is now some light ahead of us, as we have
started to emerge and operate again, but we know
that a full recovery will take time.
As the Chief Treasurer, my job is to look at the
futurepredictions with regards to the finances and I
believe that if we at BCA continue to innovate, work
together and progress as an industry, I do believe
further success will be ours. BCA will continue to
champion its members, ensuring that their voice
is heard within the catering and hospitality sector
and with government.
The success of our Awards are made possible
with the efforts of our national members and sub
committees, along with the support of our valued
sponsors and partners, who I would like to thank.
The generosity of our partners and sponsors is part
of BCA’s success.
Thank you, too, to you our guests for your
commitment, support and friendship.
All that is left for me to say is, I wish you all a
wonderful evening ahead. Good luck to all our
finalists and as we sit here together, remember
how far we have come as a community and as an
BCA will continue to champion its members,
ensuring that their voice is heard within the
catering and hospitality sector and
with government. ”