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M FAIZUL HAQUE, Join Convener, BCA Award 2021

The BCA Awards and
Dinner ceremony is now
a hugely popular annual
event which has really
put our association on
the map over the past
14 years, attracting
close attention from the
restaurant industry and
media alike. I am proud to
be a member of the team
that spearheaded this movement by turning the
BCA into a household brand.
This yearly award will continue to recognise the
true value of our chefs who produce the dishes
that win the hearts of curry patrons. It is therefore
imperative that we continue to develop the quality
and creativity that will become the benchmark for
our chefs to take our industry forward.
We made significant strides with our BCA
membership applications, I hope BCA continues to
build its membership profile by providing the best
services, and that we aim to invest further in our
industry ensuring that we have the workforce that
we need for tomorrow.
Those that travelled here from all around the world
had the opportunity to witness for themselves
exactly what our chefs and restaurants have to offer.
The curry industry has a relatively small prominence
in Europe and the US; the BCA will continue to
make it a goal to offer support to those that wish to

Honour award

We are delighted to inform you that Our BCA president MA Munim got the prestigious honour award OBE from Buckingham Palace. It’s an amazing achievement for the industry, British Bangladesh community and especially the BCA.



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